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$100.00 AUD each

$14.50 AUD each


$95.00 AUD each

$8.83 AUD each


$90.00 AUD each

$7.70 AUD each

Prices based on Small Banner Poles (incl GST).
Discount starts at 2 units.

Detailed Information:

  Lightweight and compact for transport
  Made of fiberglass
  SGS and CE certificates
  Value for money

This is the Replacement Feather Banner Poles (Only). The poles of teardrop banners, feather banners and block banners are made of fiberglass, so more difficult to break poles. In addition, they have been passed SGS and CE testing.

  Price Calculator

2000mm (h)
2.00 kg

(Does not include shipping time)

2 Business Days
$100.00 AUD
Per Piece
$100.00  AUD
Estimated Delivery Fee $14.50 AUD
$114.50 AUD

Contact Us for larger quantities.

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